by Frisky Twotimes, 19 days ago

Friends, trolls, and anyone else who randomly sees this:

Hellground launches on March 5th, and Gentlemen Trolls II is forming up! Please contact me on FacebookDiscord, or on this site for more information. Watch this video to get an idea of the quality of the server. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again!

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Hellfire or Hellground?

by Frisky Twotimes, 30 days ago


It's come to my attention that Hellfire is a 70 TBC server that begins at level 58 and will be shortly offering t6 content. Hellground is a 70 TBC server that begins at level 1 with 1x or 2x experience, and will release all content at the original intervals Blizzard intended during the expansion's release. I will be OK with either one, but I'm sure many people don't want to invest the time needed to level from 1, so...

Let's have a vote! Give me an answer and lurk Discord for updates!


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